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Yawning. Why do we do it ?

Theories behind a yawn

There are a number of theories about why we yawn. A more recent one is linked to the overheating of the brain. It is now widely accepted that in order to function at an optimal level the brain needs to run cool, much like, I suppose a computer. When it runs at the correct temperature it is more alert and runs more smoothly. This is thought to be equally important for the brain.
If the brain begins to get too warm it would appear that if we yawn it draws in, via a deep intake of breath, cool air which is then dispersed throughout the nasal passages and reaches the brian causing a cooling effect.
But if that is the case why, when we are in a room for a meeting with a number of other people,do we all begin yawning if we see another person do the same?. It seems that yawning is contagious....or is it?
The explanantion for this could be that because there are a number of people in one room in close proximity the temperature in the room could be too high, causing your brain to tell you that it is too warm and to draw in some fresh air. If you are like this, then it would make sense that other people in the room would be the same. I believe that this explanation could hold weight and is the more likely of the other explanations I can find.
But I will let you decide for yourself the theory which you would like to believe is the true reason for humans and animals to yawn.

Theory number 2

The boredom theory.

When particularly tired we all seem to yawn. Is it our body telling us we are tired and may need sleep or is it really telling us that enough is enough and to change tasks as we have been doing the current one for too long? You can decide about that.

Theory number 3

The get ready for action theory.

As yawning gets us to draw in oxygen from around us another theory is that we do this under heightened awareness that a possible danger is imminent and your body needs to ready itself for the primitive fight or flight reaction which is inbuilt in all of us from when we were hunter gatherers. I like this theory as it could explain why we yawn so much after getting out of bed every day. Our body is preparing for the rigours of the day and preparing itself for stresses and strains of what is to come.
You decide which theory you like

Hope you found this interesting.

How many times did you yawn whilst you were reading this article?
That could be proof that yawning is contagious.
Do you yawn more than normal. If you are concerned I would suggest consulting your medical Dr.
It is definitely not cut and dried about why we yawn but we have discussed a few interesting theories, at least one of which I would like to believe is the real reason.
It could be that there is more than one reason for us to yawn and that neither of the theories is true. Only time will tell and as ever in medical research eventually the truth will be revealed.
Many thanks for reading... I hope you enjoyed it.
Feel free to comment and give your feedback as it is much appreciated.